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Oh Goddess

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Aphrodite & Darius quotes 

Vacay and an interview!

Hi Guys! I’m taking a much needed vacay in gorgeous Lumeria Maui - resting and relaxing before I finish and turn in the proposal for my next awesome series and the madness of the REDEEMED tour begins (details on that to come soon!).

And here’s an interview I did for answers.com at: http://www.answers.com/phylliscast. Happy reading! XXXOOO

-P.C. Cast’s blog




Photos also from P.C.’s blog

Two illustrations by Aura Dalian used in “Kalona’s Fall”.

❝ I find the different races of humanity are more comfortable if I appear to them looking as much like them as possible." Nyx smiled, suddenly girlish again. "And I enjoy taking on different visages. I find beauty in all of them. Just as I find beauty in so much of the earth and the mortals who inhabit it. ❞

- Nyx, "Kalona’s Fall"


"Astrifiammante, the Queen of the Night" from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. watercolor, black ink, matte medium, acryla gouache.

Yes, I did two portraits of her. I couldn’t decide which to do! This one is much larger.

Art by Elisabeth Alba

Tamazon Interviews P.C. Cast

Hi Guys! Check out this short Night Owls review (love the links to all of my books!).

P.C. Cast’s blog

Oh, Aphrodite 

Virus V | Original Story



Words: 2,077 (chapter 1.)
Genre: Supernatural/Suspense
Rated: T

A desperate race to find a cure for cancer turns disastrous when people’s bodies start rejecting the cure. These changed vicious creatures are quickly outnumbering humans, forcing many humans to go into hiding and survive on their own. People thought this cure would change the world, just not in the way they expected. And someone has a secret that may just save them all.

Not HoN related technically, but I wrote an original story that involves vampires that you should check out! Read! And REVIEW! Please it’s a new story ;)

Full Book Cover for REDEEMED