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Oh Goddess

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House of Night - Timeline Photos | Facebook

Third sneak peak from Redeemed!

We now have 14 day’s until it comes out!

Join us 10/14 for the official launch party for P.C.Cast & Kristin Cast’s final House of Night book, “Redeemed.”

-Philbrook Museum of Art on twitter

❝ Was I filled with fear, uncertainty, and trepidation the day I was Marked? Of course. But soon I learned fear can be overcome by faith; uncertainty can lead to new beginnings, and trepidation can be vanquished by confidence. Being Marked is truly about the magick of possibilities… ❞

- Shekinah High Priestess of Vampyres, The Fledgling Handbook 101 

You’re right, Maureen Mo Spicer Courtney. This reminds me of Grandma Redbird’s house too! What do you think?

-Kristin on facebook

25 days left until Redeemed!

TRACK: Aldebaran
ALBUM: Enya / The Celts

"The magical sounds of Enya’s orchestral song "Aldebaran" filled the room. I swallowed down the last of my nervousness, and began walking forward, tracing a path around the outside of the circle, like I’d watched both Neferet and Aphrodite do in the rituals they’d led. As they had I moved in time with the music, making little impromptu turns and dance moves. I’d chosen this particular music because of it’s beautiful, lilting beat, and also because I’d Googled Aldebaran and found out it was a giant star- and I thought music that celebrated the night sky was appropriate for tonight. It was a good choice, because it seemed as if the music was carrying me, moving my body gracefully around the room and overcoming my initial nerves and awkwardness.”


Redeemed Tour is Announced!


Yea!!! Finally! Come see us on the REDEEMED tour! XXXOOO

-P.C. Cast on facebook


REDEEMED TOUR BEGINS 10.14.14!! Hope to see you there!
TTFN, Kristin Cast

-on facebook

Beautiful lavender sunrise in Somerset, England. Remind you of anyone?

-Kristin Cast on facebook

I hope y’all have been enjoying the sneak peeks of REDEEMED and beautiful illustrations by Aura Dalian! I can’t wait until 10.14.14 when the final ‪House Of Night‬ novel officially releases! We’ll have our tour schedule posted soon!
TTFN, Kristin Cast

- facebook

I've have read all the house of night book's and would like to know if there will be another book after redeemed and is there going to be a house if night movie too?

Redeemed is the last book! Coming out October 14. As far a movie goes, there has been a lot of talk. For more info go to our FAQ page. ;)

Popaganda Episode: We Love YA | Bitch Media

Kristin Cast and I were proud to be part of an awesome podcast about YA for Bitch Magazine.

-P.C. Cast on facebook

The early Greeks considered air to be the first principle of the world, and the Latin word Spirare, meaning breath, became the root of our words aspire, inspiration, and even spirit. Air is not simply that which blows; it is the inhalation that infuses our bodies with oxygen down to our tiniest cells.

Air is the breath of the Muse that brings inspiration and mental activity. Air is the winds of change, the spoken word, the voice lifted in song or in praise of our Goddess. Air is the arrow that flies, the precise and planned movements of a sword master or a martial artist. It is the breath of a lover on your skin, it is the lips millimeters apart, hovering just beyond each other as your breath mingles and you breath in the essence of each other in anticipation of a kiss.

Birds represent air, as can be seen in the heightened vision of a hawk and in the owl, which represents the wisdom of the goddess Athena, who is still worshipped by Wiccans to this day. Air is represented in a Wiccan Circle by the athame (ceremonial knife), the sword, the pure tones of a bell, and the smoke from incense or a smudge stick, wrapping everyone in it’s cleaning ethereal tendrils. In fact, a smudge stick or a bell is often carried around the Circle during casting.

Air is associated with the zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, which are known for their talkative natures and clarity of thought. Look at those who have an affinity for air and you will find that like Damien they will have an agile mind and quick wit. I have never understood why humans refer to the unintelligent as “air heads”, because the domain of the mind is air.

- Nyx in the House of Night: Bryan Lankford disscussing the element Air


the nerd herd + name meanings

TRACK: Confluence
ARTIST: John Williams (composer)
ALBUM: "Memoirs of a Geisha" soundtrack

"As always, I was a ball of nerves until I started toward the circle and the music filled me. Tonight the soundtrack of "Memoirs of a Geisha” was hunting and beautiful. I lifted my arms and let my body move gracefully to the orchestra. Then Erik’s voice joined with the music and the night, creating magic.”

"Beneath the shinning stars,
Beneath the gleaming moon,
When night has healed the scars
Of burning noon…

…And so, I say to you
If hate possess your heart,
When day’s hot strife is through
Bid hate depart.

The disappointing day
Whenever wrong, or how,
Is something passed away,
Is ended now.

Forget, forgive, the scars,
And sleep will find you soon
Beneath the shinning stars,
The gleaming moon.”


Poem by Katarina Bowman