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Oh Goddess

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❝ The earth is often referred to as our mother, because it gives us nourishment, shelters us, and takes us back to her after we pass. All the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the tools we use ultimately come from the earth. Vampyres revere the earth, and Wiccans and Native Americans, like Zoey’s grandmother, view the earth as a living conscious entity that has a spirit of its own. They believe the earth will always take care of us—if we take care of it. We should live in harmony with nature, taking what we need, but only what we need and no more. That we are entrusted as stewards of the earth means we should recycle, replant felled trees, reduce pollution, and minimize out use of fossil fuels whenever possible. The belief is that the earth is a self-healing entity, and if we don’t maintain a proper symbiotic relationship with the earth, she will eventually decide we are far too harmful and rid herself of us.

In a Wiccan Circle earth must be represented by the color green or brown, leaves, rocks, or minerals, and salt is often sprinkled around the Circle when asking earth to join the ritual. The astrological signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, with their practical and responsible natures, are associated with the earth.

The traits of earth are, well…down to earth. The archetype of the cowboy who rides the range, sleeps under the stars, and herds cattle is a perfect image for earth, as they are seen to be patient, consistent, and unmovable. Stevie Rae, from her cowboy hats to the boots, and from her small-town upbringing, to the natural way she accepts and cares for people, epitomizes the element earth.

The earth is our mother, and when you feel worried or stressed, feel yourself moving down into her. See roots growing from your feet and pulling nourishment and energy into your body. Wiccans refer to this as “grounding,” and it will help you find calm, peaceful security when you need it most. Like calls to like, and if you let it the earth will nurture and protect you. All you have to do is reach out to her, and the earth, your mother, will be there to comfort and protect you, taking away the anxiety and pain so that you feel calm, secure, and safe in her arms. ❞

- Nyx in the House of Night: Bryan Lankford discussing the element Earth


We need more quotes and pictures of other characters like pics of zoey and quotes from damion

Well along with posting up what ever P.C. and Kristin put up, I’m actually trying to come up with more great posts as we speak! 

I’m saving the comic post I have planed for Zoey for when we get closer to October. ^^


Erik Night, Damien and Jack from the House of Night series ^^

OMG! Ingeborg, these are so great! I hope we get to see more HoN fanart from you soon. :D

Good morning, fledglings! 

- Cast’s on facebook

Preorder: KALONA'S FALL - Signed

Thought I’d share with you guys one of the most lovely images from the coloring book - this beautiful illustration of Nyx. Makes me want to get out my colored pencils!

- P.C. Cast on facebook

A brief history of the “Vampyre High Council”

Vampyres have always existed. We have walked the earth as long as grass has grown, the sun has shone, and the moon has turned in it’s elliptical orbit. While we do have written history better preserved and more ancient than humans, we did not gather as a society until the ninth century B.C.

It was then that a unique vampyre High Priestess named Lilith emerged from the fertile region known as Mesopotamia. Lilith was greatly gifted by Nyx, having an affinity for spirit, as well as the prophetic ability to envision the final threads of a vampyre’s life. Using her goddess-given gifts, Lilith called together the High Priestesses of every major vampyre coven, along with their consorts and warriors. She persuaded her sisters and brothers to form what she titled the Vampyre High Council - a ruling body that would be the center of all vampyre people.

In it she, along with the seven leaders of the major civilized vampyre covens, set about creating the standards of our unique and beautiful society, wherein women are held sacred, as is the worship of the Goddess, and men are appreciated and respected.

- The Fledgling Handbook 101

WE JUST HIT 2000 FOLLOWERS! Wish we could thank you all personally, but that would take way too long ;) So here’s a big shout out to all of you. MUCH LOVE - Elise

Man, We have 2,000 HoN Followers! XD I can’t tell you guys how happy we are about this and from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You All! - Sheila 

I was glade I’d already put together a big tray of fresh fruits, cheeses, and meats for Nyx’s table. I just needed to retrieve it and the bottle of wine from the refrigerator, and arrange the bounty neatly on the table placed in the center of the large circle made of white candles. The table already had an ornate goblet on it, as well as a beautiful statue of the Goddess, a long elegant lighter, and the purple candle that would represent spirit, the last element I would call to the circle.

The table symbolized the richness of the blessings Nyx has given her children, vampyres and fledglings. I like setting up the Goddess’s table. It made me feel calm, something that I especially needed tonight.


"Zoey Redbird" by Joelle Jones

“The last element is one that fills everything and everyone. It makes us unique and it breathes life into all things. I ask that you hear me, spirit, and I summon you to this circle.”

Zoey, Marked

What to use to make a Mark tattoo design on yourself?

This is something that’s been on my mind for a while and thought some of you have had the same problem.

It’s been a hard search to find the right product to use to put a good vampyre Mark on, I’m looking for something like a movie makeup pen in Blue/Red that can make nice clean details and doesn’t irritate/hurt skin. I got a tip from someone on DA to use markers like sharpies, I haven’t tried this out yet but it sounds like it could work?

If any of you have figured out or have any good tips that can help fans apply Marks then please go ahead and share! :D

Neferet’s Curse German book trailer

Well I’m about a year late posting this up but I thought everyone should get the chance to see this gorgeous book trailer that the fans in Germany did for the Neferet’s Curse novella. I especially love the enchanting music used in this video!